Monday, August 22, 2011

Flash Drive Envy

"Giving More Than Just An Album."

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These days we still jam cd's which is okay but I would like to take a chance with putting my new album (currently in the works) on a flash drive for distribution. Let me explain why.

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I am an artist and I want to give my fans as much as I can. Of course I would still come with the banging beats, and sultry sometimes hardcore lyrics. I want to keep the audience interested in what I am doing so I came up with a way to put my music on flash drive as a way to get it to the public.

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First lets look at a flash drive and see what your fans can get from it. Your music of course. They have the choice on whether to load and listen to it on CD or use the flash drive connection that may be inside of a vehicle. It's very convenient to keep on a key chain, in your pocket, even small purses. There will also be enough space on it for fans to add their personal files on as well. This is good for everyone these days. Those who like to have music, videos, photos all at the palm of their hand. Also if you really and truly adore your fan base you could charge a recession free price so your fans can get your music no matter how the economy is.

For the artist. Use a flash drive to sell your albums because you are in it to make money. Earn a profit. Get ahead and really be heard by your fans.
Don't worry about extra extra photos and artwork on the album. No need for an album cover. They are so small all you would need is to take one good photo, just to promote it. For the bio's and other information on you, provide your website. This saves paper of course. In turn also saves you a lot of moola.
Make simple business cards to promote your flash drive and your site. You can get big post cards but most of those end up on the floor when the lights come on in the club. People are more eager to hold on to something small than large. Sit these cards everywhere and do consignment deals with as many places you can.
Later on CD's would be a thing of the past and we would only have flash drives to transport and distribute music. The least you sell the album for will not only help out your faithful fans, but also open the door for those who wouldn't mind spending a couple dollars to listen to your album. Remember one thing, the money will come if you keep changing the way to distribute music. Also, the money will come if you can even help a poor man still be able to get his hands on album.
Let's keep changing and lets keep evolving in the music industry because believe it or not, there is still ways to make money in this industry being an artist. We will never think of all the ways, but we can keep the ideas coming and stop doing the same ole thing, doing what everybody else is doing, ways of getting music out there.

"For you flash drives could be worth a try. Its different and we are always looking for something new. Sell your album on a flash drive and reap the rewards."

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